[ RadSafe ] Armour-piercing ice cream a replacement for DU?

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Fri Mar 23 05:10:12 CDT 2007

Perhaps we could stop tanks by attacking them with dry ice peanuts. They 
could be stored and delivered more easily than ice cream ....  <g> An 
admitted drawback is the added global warming by releasing the peanuts 
in open air .....
Maury&Dog  (Maury Siskel  maurysis at peoplepc.com)

Dawson, Fred Mr wrote:

> New Scientist reports:
> http://www.newscientist.com/backpage.ns?id=mg19325952.900
> "Armour-piercing ice cream ONE of the unwritten rules of public 
> relations is that friendly images can make nasty things seem less so. 
> However, this example from Ames Laboratory in Iowa leaves Feedback's 
> head echoing with cognitive dissonance: "Armour-piercing projectiles 
> made of depleted uranium have caused concern among soldiers storing 
> and using them. Now, scientists at the US Department of Energy's Ames 
> Laboratory are close to developing a
> new composite with an internal structure resembling fudge-ripple ice 
> cream that is actually comprised of environmentally safe materials to 
> do the job even better."
> Environmentally safe armour-piercing fudge-ripple ice cream? How nice"
> Fred Dawson
> .

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