[ RadSafe ] Armour-piercing ice cream a replacement for DU?

Dawson, Fred Mr Fred.Dawson199 at mod.uk
Fri Mar 23 03:51:33 CDT 2007

New Scientist reports:
"Armour-piercing ice cream
ONE of the unwritten rules of public relations is that friendly images
can make nasty things seem less so. However, this example from Ames
Laboratory in Iowa leaves Feedback's head echoing with cognitive
dissonance: "Armour-piercing projectiles made of depleted uranium have
caused concern among soldiers storing and using them. Now, scientists at
the US Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory are close to developing a
new composite with an internal structure resembling fudge-ripple ice
cream that is actually comprised of environmentally safe materials to do
the job even better."
Environmentally safe armour-piercing fudge-ripple ice cream? How nice"

Fred Dawson

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