[ RadSafe ] RE: article referencing scientists on global warming effect on Australia

Gary Damschen gary at pageturners.com
Mon Mar 26 10:04:54 CDT 2007

This story confuses me. The ice sheets are melting, assumedly because the
temps are increasing. I thought that increased temps were supposed to
*reduce* CO2 levels in the ocean, causing an increase in atmospheric CO2
that further warmed the ocean and released more CO2, creating a positive
feedback loop. Yet this article seems to indicate that the increasing
temperature is resulting in *increased* CO2 levels. What am I missing here?



Melting ice-sheets and glaciers in Antarctica are releasing fresh water,
interfering with the formation of dense "bottom water," which sinks 4-5
kilometers to the ocean floor and helps drive the world's ocean circulation
A slowdown in the system known as "overturning circulation" would affect the
way the ocean, which absorbs 85 percent of atmospheric heat, carries heat
around the globe...

Australian scientists warned last month that waters surrounding Antarctica
were also becoming more acidic as they absorbed more carbon dioxide produced
by nations burning fossil fuels.


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