[ RadSafe ] Re: Dr Mohammed Kobeissi's final DU Report

Blaine Howard blainehoward at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 27 21:21:18 CDT 2007

Dear Roger,
  I have gone over the report by Dr. Mohammed Kobeissi
and checked his calculations.  I have experience in
gamma spectroscopy and can confirm his results.  I
believe this to be reliable laboratory work.  I also
noted that the radium-226 content of the samples
appear to be correct for normal soils.  The uranium
concentrations also appear reasonable for normal
soils.  It should be pointed out that there is a
measurable amount of uranium in natural soil and that
this does not constitute a health problem.  The
standard man from the Radiological Health Handbook
contains 0.7 mg of uranium (700 times what Ms. Moret
calls "lethal").  Uranium is a fact of life and the
quantities Dr. Durakovic and Ms. Moret call dangerous
are just normal healthy conditions.

Blaine N. Howard, Health Physicist

--- Roger Helbig <rhelbig at california.com> wrote:

> From: "Mohammed Kobeissi" <makobeissi at yahoo.com>
> To: <rhelbig at california.com>
> Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2007 10:31 AM
> Subject: DU
> I received this in a cordial communication from Dr
> Kobeissi today and decided to share it with the
> RADSAFE list.  One of my concerns is that Dr
> Kobeissi may have received guidance from Doug Rokke
> and that certainly may have tainted the analysis.  
> Roger Helbig
> "To make sure that I do collect the right samples I
> called a former US Army expert on missiles equipped
> with DU, describing to him the appearance of the
> craters soils and asking him for advice on which
> soil samples are appropriate to be taken as a sample
> for the investigation"
> I have asked Dr Kobeissi if this Army expert is Doug
> Rokke.  Since Rokke wrote about the use of DU in
> Lebanon, I strongly suspect that Rokke is this
> "former US Army expert on missiles equipped with
> DU".

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