[ RadSafe ] Dr Mohammed Kobeissi's final DU Report

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Mon Mar 26 05:37:29 CDT 2007

From: "Mohammed Kobeissi" <makobeissi at yahoo.com>
To: <rhelbig at california.com>
Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2007 10:31 AM
Subject: DU

I received this in a cordial communication from Dr Kobeissi today and decided to share it with the RADSAFE list.  One of my concerns is that Dr Kobeissi may have received guidance from Doug Rokke and that certainly may have tainted the analysis.  

Roger Helbig

"To make sure that I do collect the right samples I called a former US Army expert on missiles equipped with DU, describing to him the appearance of the craters soils and asking him for advice on which soil samples are appropriate to be taken as a sample for the investigation"

I have asked Dr Kobeissi if this Army expert is Doug Rokke.  Since Rokke wrote about the use of DU in Lebanon, I strongly suspect that Rokke is this "former US Army expert on missiles equipped with DU".

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