[ RadSafe ] DOE Issues $14 Million in Funding Opportunity Announcements to U.S. Universities for Nuclear Research

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Wed Mar 28 11:01:39 CDT 2007

Department of Energy Issues $14 Million in Funding Opportunity 
Announcements to U.S. Universities for Nuclear Research

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced two 
new Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA), valued up to $14 million to 
better integrate the United States’ universities into DOE’s nuclear 
research and development (R&D) programs; and contribute to assuring a 
new generation of engineers and scientists necessary for pursuing 
nuclear power - a safe, reliable, affordable and emissions-free source 
of energy. These FOAs support the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership 
(GNEP) University Readiness and the Nuclear Energy Research Initiative 
for Consortia (NERI-C). These new awards will bring total Fiscal Year 
(FY) 2007 funding to universities that support nuclear energy programs 
to over $54 million.

“These Funding Opportunity Announcements demonstrate our commitment to 
pursuing nuclear research, and we are eager for our next generation of 
scientists and engineers to make scientific breakthroughs that will help 
diversify our nation’s energy sources,” Assistant Secretary for Nuclear 
Energy Dennis Spurgeon said. “Supporting education and training is 
critical to developing secure, competitive and environmentally 
responsible nuclear technologies to serve the United States’ present and 
future energy needs.”

For the GNEP University Readiness FOA, DOE seeks applications from 
universities for capability expansion that will directly support GNEP 
R&D programs. Capability expansion includes laboratory upgrades; faculty 
support; graduate fellowships; reactor improvements; equipment purchases 
or upgrades; curriculum development and enhancement; and international 
student exchange or other similar activities that directly impact a 
university’s ability to compete in future GNEP R&D solicitations. 
Estimated funding for the one-time GNEP University Readiness awards 
total $4 million, with a maximum of $100,000 per award.

DOE’s Funding Opportunity Announcement for NERI-C seeks applications 
from university consortia for R&D that will directly support a broad 
range of programs in the Office of Nuclear Energy; including: the 
Advanced Fuel Cycle R&D Program, the Generation IV Nuclear Energy 
Systems Initiative, and the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative. Estimated 
funding for the NERI-C awards totals $10 million. This will be the first 
year funding for multi-year research grants that could receive total 
funding of about $30 million. Additional university grants are planned 
in subsequent years, subject to program requirements and congressional 

Applications for the NERI-C announcement are due May 23, 2007. 
Applications for the GNEP University Readiness announcement are due by 
June 7, 2007. DOE anticipates announcing the selection later this year. 
Applications must be submitted through www.grants.gov to be considered 
for award.

For additional information on this announcement, GNEP and nuclear R&D 
programs, visit: www.nuclear.gov.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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