[ RadSafe ] Easy Fix for Damaged Ludlum Shields

GRAHNk at comcast.net GRAHNk at comcast.net
Wed Mar 28 10:33:35 CDT 2007

For soil remediation purposes, we use a number of Ludlum 44-10 2x2 NaI probes equipped with 6" lead shield/colimators.  Over time, these become damaged (bumped and banged) or the rim gets bent, or worst case the shield is dropped and is no longer round, so we end up buying new ones.  Since these are over $100, we also have administrative issues associated with inventory tracking and such...overall, a big hassle. 

Recently we discovered that a large tailpipe expander can be used to slightly expand the shield and restore the entire cylindrical space to a round shape.  The one we purchased was on sale for $10.99 at the local cheap tool store, but they could probably be picked up at an auto parts store as well.

This is the item we bought, not the sale price


Kelly Grahn
Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Division of Nuclear Safety

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