[ RadSafe ] Protecting Cells From Lethal Radiation (third try)

George Stanford gstanford at aya.yale.edu
Mon May 14 19:48:56 CDT 2007

         Congratulations to the researchers at
Washington University.  It sounds like a potential
lifesaver -- although I believe that a credible
"dirty bomb" scenario leading to multi-Gray levels
of exposure has not yet been postulated..

         A question comes to mind.  Since the
protection works by suppressing apoptosis, and
since apoptosis is one of the mechanisms
postulated for protection against the effects of
low-level radiation, is there perhaps the
potential for over-enthusiastic use of such
pills?  Should they be limited to individuals with
life-threatening levels of exposure -- say above
~2.5 Gy?  (An acquaintance received almost 2 Gy
[whole body] some 50 years ago, and he is now a
healthy octogenarian.)

         Is there a chance that "protective"
administration to low-dose subjects could be
counterproductive, leading to the survival of
cancer-precursor cells that otherwise would be

George Stanford
Reactor physicist, retired


At 10:36 AM 5/10/2007, Boby Mathew wrote:
Dear radsafers. Just came across this article. It is something new. 
Follow the link to read the full item.
   Boby Mathew


   Protecting Cells From Lethal Radiation
Posted May 10, 2007
Source: Washington University School of Medicine  

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