[ RadSafe ] Honeybee die off threatens food supply

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Hi all,

>From an article on honeybee die off testing and theories, an interesting paragraph:


"The top suspects are a parasite, an unknown virus, some kind of bacteria, pesticides, or a one-two combination of the top four, with one weakening the honeybee and the second killing it. 

A quick experiment with some of the devastated hives makes pesticides seem less likely. In the recent experiment, Pettis and colleagues irradiated some hard-hit hives and reintroduced new bee colonies. More bees thrived in the irradiated hives than in the non-irradiated ones, pointing toward some kind of disease or parasite that was killed by radiation"

I wonder what kind of doses they gave to the irradiated hives in this experiment. Had to be sustantial to kill bacteria or parasites.

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