[ RadSafe ] Cat out of the bag after passingthroughairportscanner:-D

John R Johnson idias at interchange.ubc.ca
Fri May 4 17:50:14 CDT 2007

Maury, Stewart et al

Do you mean "let out of" or "used to dump into":-)?

I know that bags used to put "dumpings" into are a concern for dogs(having 
been a dog walker when we had one) , but I don't know about cats (never 
having walked one!).

Does anyone walk a cat, or just put them in their luggage?


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> Has anyone yet discovered and applied ALARA to the huge accumulation of 
> bags that cats have been let out of?
> Maury&      (Dog refused to have any part of this)
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> stewart farber wrote:
>> Hi Ed,
>> My tongue-in-cheek comment about ALARA & cats was solely for the case 
>> where this one cat got passed inadvertently through a scanner while in 
>> its owners carry-on luggage.
>> Of course, any cat or dog in an animal carrier would not be passed 
>> through an x-ray scanner.
>> Stewart Farber
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>> passingthroughairportscanner :-D
>>> They don't let you send the cat or dog through the X-Ray scanner.  They 
>>> take you aside with the carrier.  Then they make you take the anminal 
>>> out
>>>>>> no turkey.'"
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