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Dear collegue Parthasarathy,

I wonder, who "Lord Marshall of Goring" is. My excellent internet dictionary
does not give any result for "Lord Marshall". Do you mean "Reichsmarschall
Hermann Goering", head of the "Luftwaffe" during the Nazi regime in Germany
and one of the few really close persons to Adolf Hitler? A person addicted
to narcotic drugs at least during the last years of the second world war,
who escaped being hanged after the Nuremberg trial by committing suicide in
his cell? More information might be easily retrieved from the internet. 

Second question: What is the connection of this person (or any other one) to
"Radioactivity in the garden"? Where is the note you say you have written?
Hermann Goering had nothing to do with radioactivity. 

As a contrast I appreciate Dan's contribution of being a really sound
approach to conter some groups. I could add from my own experience after the
Chernobyl accident some stories, but here is just one: Schools and athletic
training centers had been urged by the federal authorities to have their
facilities checked for contamination - among others it was ordered to have
the sand in the pit (hopefully correct translation from my internet
dictionary), where athlets would land after high-jump and long-jump. Yes, we
measured some, especially from the respective Viennese university institute.
There were a few nano-curies per kg in it, as everywhere in the less
affected areas. (Does nCi/kg ring a bell in some hardliners? Wrong - we soon
went to Bq after 1986...) I received a call from the person in charge,
asking, what they should do. I answered: "If the sand were meat, you could
eat it without worrying. Do your students eat kilograms of sand?" There was
a clear relief at the other end of the telephone line!

Best regards


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
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Dear Mr McCarn,

Following Lord Marshall of Goring, I  wrote a note on "radioactivity in the
garden" a few years ago. The note  got wide press coverage.  Though it was
scientifically defendable, the anti nuclear critics felt that it was a
clever way of  diverting the attention to the risks of nuclear waste!


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Hi Group:

Last time I checked, the Chatanooga Shale outcrops in and around
Murfreesboro. The "typical" concentration (in secular equilibrium) of
uranium in the Chatanooga Shale ranges from about 80 - 120 mg/Kg


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