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Dear Mr McCarn,

Following Lord Marshall of Goring, I  wrote a note on "radioactivity in the garden" a few years ago. The note  got wide press coverage.  Though it was scientifically defendable, the anti nuclear critics felt that it was a clever way of  diverting the attention to the risks of nuclear waste!


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Hi Group:

Last time I checked, the Chatanooga Shale outcrops in and around
Murfreesboro. The "typical" concentration (in secular equilibrium) of
uranium in the Chatanooga Shale ranges from about 80 - 120 mg/Kg

Assuming 100 mg/Kg (0.01% U), going back to the "garden" calculation
of source term: 20m x 20m x .25m @ 0.01% U gives me about 20 Kg U in
200 Tonnes (100 cu.m) or a "typical" backyard where the children
play... Just for the Natural Uranium (238+235+234), that would be 13.7
mCi (5.0x10^8 Bq) per garden not to mention the rest of the progeny.
Total activity would be about 94 mCi per garden (3.5x10^9 Bq) for the
entire uranium/radium series.

The point is that the "background" is probably hotter than the low-level waste!

Dan ii

Dan W McCarn, Geologist
Albuquerque & Houston

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