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Thu May 24 07:30:00 CDT 2007

Is anyone aware of more recent reports or official proclamations regarding 
the validity, or lack thereof, of the Linear No Threshold Theory than:

- the June 4, 1999 letter from by B. John Garrick, Chairman, ACNW to Shirley 
Jackson, Chairman, USNRC that states 100 mrem/y is protective of public 
health and safety and that collective dose estimates should not be made
- the 2001 NCRP report on Evaluation of the Linear-Nonthreshold 
Dose-Response Model for Ionizing Radiation
- the 2001 ANS position statement on the health effects of low-level 
radiation concurring with the Health Physics Statement that below 10 rem, 
risks of health effects are either too small to be observed or are 
- the 2003 Health Physics Journal summary of low dose radiation effects 
derived with new biology and technology. These effects included adaptive 
response, bystander effects, genomic instability, genetic susceptibility, 
changes in gene expression and alterations in DNA damage and repair.
- the 2004 organization and funding of RISCRAD, an eight year radiation 
research program by the European Commission to evaluate the risk from low 
dose radiation
- the 2005 French Academy of Science report on the effects of low doses of 
ionizing radiation on the risk for carcinogenesis which concludes that at 
low doses, risks from per unit of dose are less than at high doses. This 
report suggests that repair or protective effects at low doses argue against 
the Linear-No-Threshold Hypothesis.
- the 2005 BEIR VII (Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation) Committee of 
the NAS/NRC report, “Health Risks from Exposure to Low-LET Ionizing 
Radiation” which concludes that the risk from radiation increased as a 
linear function of dose. This supports the Linear-No-Threshold Hypothesis 
and indicated that it is possible to extrapolate risk from high doses to low 

Randy Brich

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