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Jerry Cohen jjcohen at prodigy.net
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    You seem to have summarized the current LNT status nicely. I was 
wondering what stimulated your interest at this time.  Do you think there is 
a chance that any amount of rational analysis could dislodge well-entrenched 
LNT policies?
Jerry Cohen

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> Is anyone aware of more recent reports or official proclamations regarding 
> the validity, or lack thereof, of the Linear No Threshold Theory than:
> - the June 4, 1999 letter from by B. John Garrick, Chairman, ACNW to 
> Shirley Jackson, Chairman, USNRC that states 100 mrem/y is protective of 
> public health and safety and that collective dose estimates should not be 
> made
> - the 2001 NCRP report on Evaluation of the Linear-Nonthreshold 
> Dose-Response Model for Ionizing Radiation
> - the 2001 ANS position statement on the health effects of low-level 
> radiation concurring with the Health Physics Statement that below 10 rem, 
> risks of health effects are either too small to be observed or are 
> non-existent.
> - the 2003 Health Physics Journal summary of low dose radiation effects 
> derived with new biology and technology. These effects included adaptive 
> response, bystander effects, genomic instability, genetic susceptibility, 
> changes in gene expression and alterations in DNA damage and repair.
> - the 2004 organization and funding of RISCRAD, an eight year radiation 
> research program by the European Commission to evaluate the risk from low 
> dose radiation
> - the 2005 French Academy of Science report on the effects of low doses of 
> ionizing radiation on the risk for carcinogenesis which concludes that at 
> low doses, risks from per unit of dose are less than at high doses. This 
> report suggests that repair or protective effects at low doses argue 
> against the Linear-No-Threshold Hypothesis.
> - the 2005 BEIR VII (Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation) Committee 
> of the NAS/NRC report, "Health Risks from Exposure to Low-LET Ionizing 
> Radiation" which concludes that the risk from radiation increased as a 
> linear function of dose. This supports the Linear-No-Threshold Hypothesis 
> and indicated that it is possible to extrapolate risk from high doses to 
> low doses.
> Thanks,
> Randy Brich
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