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Sat May 26 18:11:01 CDT 2007

The NRC has a background paper on it at:  
(http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/fact-sheets/tooth-fairy.html) .
One of NRC's "Key Points" in the paper is:
"Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies do not support the RPHP’s  claims. 
NRC finds there is little or no credibility in the RHP’s studies."
Barbara L. Hamrick
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rhelbig at california.com writes:

As I  recall, this teeth project and the research of Dr Jay Gould are pretty 
much  unsubtantiated.  A number of lists were just hit with a brief message  
encouraging people to go to this project.  I want to respond to two of  them 
that I belong to with the facts about radioactive elements and  teeth.

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