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Dear Barbara,

Thank you for the excellent NRC reference on the "Tooth Fairy Project". I  am looking for such references which carry out scientifc critiques on health effects of low level radiation.

You may recall that there exists in the southern part of India a high background radiation area (HBRA) in which over 100,000 people are exposed on an average to four times the normal background radiation dose. Several hundred persons receive over 50 mSv from natural ganmma radiation. The dose is primarily from decay products of uranium and thorium (Monazite ,an ore of thorium is present in substantial quantities in HBRA) 

Often and somewhat with unfailing periodicity, print and visual media carry heart rending stories of cancer patients from the HBRA; touching photographs of patients accompany these stories. Based on a case or two the reporter will successfully convince the lay public
about the dangers of living in that area, though peer reviewed scientific papers have been telling a different story.
Printed words with telling photos carry the day!

I took the liberty to include the following  link to an article I wrote last week in a widely respected daily news paper  in India.


I am sure that the  news paper headlines on the "conclusions" from the tooth fairy project must have been tellingly convincing to the lay reader. I shall greatly appreciate getting a colletion of such newspaper headlines from you or from other list members


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The NRC has a background paper on it at:  
(http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/fact-sheets/tooth-fairy.html) .
One of NRC's "Key Points" in the paper is:
"Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies do not support the RPHP’s  claims. 
NRC finds there is little or no credibility in the RHP’s studies."
Barbara L. Hamrick
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As I  recall, this teeth project and the research of Dr Jay Gould are pretty 
much  unsubtantiated.  A number of lists were just hit with a brief message  
encouraging people to go to this project.  I want to respond to two of  them 
that I belong to with the facts about radioactive elements and  teeth.

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