[ RadSafe ] DOE Guidance on the Procedures in Applying the ALARA Process for Compliance with DOE 5400.5

Wallo, Andrew Andrew.Wallo at eh.doe.gov
Wed May 30 13:50:34 CDT 2007


Due to the recent reorg, DOE 5400.5 guidance has been difficult to find
as we transition the website from EH to HSS.  The most recent guidance
for ALARA and 5400.5 can be found through links at:

But the actual guides can be found on the more direct link to an ORNL
site (see items 22 and 23 for the 1997 ALARA guidance which was issued
for comment and interim use):
The 1997 interim use guidance replaced the 1991 interim use guidance
which you were seeking - a scanned copy of the 1991 guidance is attached
(this cannot word searched its just a picture of the guidance but is
Andy Wallo

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