[ RadSafe ] News: Britain launches public debate on nuclear power

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>From Nature 447, 519 (31 May 2007)

Britain launches public debate on nuclear power

The UK government has stopped short of giving its full
backing to new nuclear power stations in its latest
proposals for the country's energy strategy. In a
policy outline published on 23 May, it opened a public
consultation on the issue — including several
potential sites for new nuclear facilities, which the
government is thought to view as essential for
ensuring energy security while meeting its
self-imposed target of cutting carbon emissions by 60%
by 2050.

The UK government sees nuclear power as key.
The document also sets out details of a mandatory
carbon-trading scheme for large businesses such as
banks and supermarkets. And it describes plans to
build the world's most advanced carbon-storing
fossil-fuel plant, to be opened by 2014, which will in
theory capture 90% of its own greenhouse emissions.

But the news came as oil giant BP announced it was
pulling out of plans to build a major carbon-capture
plant in Peterhead, Scotland. The company said it did
not want to delay the plant further by waiting for the
bidding competition for funding to start as laid out
in a timetable in the new white paper.

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