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I agree 100%.

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I too would like to see Radsafe return to a open, free and (almost)
uncensored discussion. I do not recall reading any reason given for the
recent change in Radsafe policy, only its announcement a few weeks ago.

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RADSAFErs, Friends,

The recent - and not announced - monitoring mode of RADSAFE has caused a few
persons to protest it - surprisingly including at least one person who has
been one of the subjects for fierce controversy. This monitoring mode
results in delays of messages up to a few days. This is not acceptable for a
discussion forum - in my opinion - and what is your opinion?

Other lists have the same problem of unappropriate messages, but they easily
overcome it by asking participants to forward any violations of the list
rules. Those violators are clearly shown on the list, banned from posting to
the list for a certain number of days.

 I hope that the list owner will consider this.

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD

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