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Toro Laszlo torolaszlo at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 22 02:16:36 CST 2007

Dear Collegues,

Perhaps somebody from the former Soviet Union remember
the old AD 111M dose rate meter. If yes I am strongly
intereseted to know the test  radioactive source
(radionuclide and at least the order of magnitude of
the activity). I have to destroy the device but the
test source is considered radioactive waste and in
this moment I am unable to put it on a gamma
spectrometer to identify it.
Thank you in advance.


(Laszlo Toro)

Laszlo Toro PhD
senior scientist
CNCAN certified expert

Institute of Public Health Timisoara
Radiation Hygiene Dept.

RO 300226 Timisoara
Bd. V. Babes 16-18
ph. +40 256 492101 ext 34
fax +40 256 492101
e-mail toro at ispt.ro
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