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Flood, John FloodJR at nv.doe.gov
Mon Nov 26 14:40:23 CST 2007

I still find the idea of an RDD attack to have zero credibility.  Every
terrorist attack that I have heard of has the same objective - a body
count.  Every attack is designed to kill people.  To shift into a mode
where the objective is only to make a mess would be a complete change of
personality for terrorist movements of every type, and I see no value in
devoting limited resources to defeating a type of attack that has never
been attempted.

And I agree that a police department that is announcing that an RDD
attack is inevitable, will succeed because it is unstoppable, and will
be devastating needs to clean house.  I suspect the department in
question is facing budget issues and is drumming up public interest to
intimidate the voting politicians away from budget cuts.  Then again,
maybe I've just gotten cynical in my old age.

John R. (Bob) Flood
Radiological Health
Nevada Test Site
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