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There actually is a financial incentive for terror without body counts.
Short-selling prior to the 9-11 and London attacks was evident and
provides excellent returns to those who know that an attack is going to
occur. Since the accounts aren't trackable to individuals or
organizations and can be segmented to avoid conspicuousness, it may be a
better approach now that former fund-raising organizations have been
shut down. 

Jack Earley
Health Physicist
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I still find the idea of an RDD attack to have zero credibility.  Every
terrorist attack that I have heard of has the same objective - a body
count.  Every attack is designed to kill people.  To shift into a mode
where the objective is only to make a mess would be a complete change of
personality for terrorist movements of every type, and I see no value in
devoting limited resources to defeating a type of attack that has never
been attempted.

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