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I can't answer that question.  But, if physicians are ordering these 
scans simply to accommodate pushy parents, rather than by reason of 
indication, it's a major failure of medical practice.  Something 
similar has gone on, for decades now, in the use of antibiotics.  E.g., 
parents have a sick kid, the pediatrician says that it's a viral 
infection and should be allowed to run its course (with appropriate 
support, i.e., fluids, antipyretic meds, etc.), but the parents insist 
that the kid be given antibiotics, which are generally useful only 
against bacterial infections.  And the doctor prescribes them (he/she 
is usually afraid of losing their business).  This is one reason for 
the great increase in the number of antibiotic-resistant microbes with 
which we have to deal; and that is a deadly serious affair.


[According to] Dr. Alan Brody, a radiologist at Cincinnati Children's
Hospital Medical Center, three out of 10 parents in one study insisted 
CT scans instead of observing the child's condition for awhile even 
they were told of the radiation risk.
What is with the 30 percent of pushy parents who want the scans
done anyway?
Steven Dapra
sjd at swcp.com

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