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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Nov 29 21:05:31 CST 2007

November 29, 2007

         This is a link to the Columbia University news release about Drs. 
Brenner and Hall's review article claiming that CT scans lead to increased 

         The last paragraph of the release says, "Drs. Brenner and Hall 
suggest in their paper's conclusion that these strategies could potentially 
keep 20 million adults and, crucially, more than one million children 
annually in the United States from being irradiated unnecessarily. They 
stress, however, that in the majority of individual cases, the benefits 
associated with a correct diagnosis through CT will far outweigh the 
individual risk."

         Drs. Brenner and Hall are at Columbia's Center for Radiological 
Research and there is a link within the above link to the CRR.  Eric J. 
Hall is the director of the CRR, and a consortium in Radiation Science and 
Disaster Relief is being led by Dr. David J. Brenner.

A course to be hosted by Dr. David Brenner on December 17, 2007, will 
examine Radiological Science in the Context of Radiological Terrorism. This 
course will feature seven speakers who will cover a wide range of 
topics.  It will be held at the Research Auditorium in the New Research 
Building at Georgetown University.  The link is: 
http://www.cmcr.columbia.edu/cme/index.html  Link has schedule, faculty, 
address, everything you need, including a link to register.  The course is 
free, but requires registration.  (It is funded, at least in part, by the 
Federal taxpayers via a grant.)

Link to Dr. Hall with his training, CV, and some of his 
papers.  http://www.cumc.columbia.edu/dept/radoncology/crr/hall.htm

Link to Dr. Brenner, with his training, CV, and a mountain of his papers, 
available on line.  He even has a PowerPoint lecture on depleted 
uranium.  It's near the bottom of the link.  http://www.columbia.edu/~djb3/

Steven Dapra
sjd at swcp.com

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