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Radsafe followers,
  Some of you have asked about Bobby Scott's presentations.
  I removed the attachments so this would be eligible here, but include its
  • Low-dose radiation ANP prevents the occurrence
  of cancer and other diseases.
  • Radiation ANP has multiple components that
  include high fidelity DNA repair, selective
  apoptosis, and immunity.
  • Radiation ANP could be used to prevent lung and
  others cancers in high risk populations such as
  workers exposed by inhalation to alpha-emitting
  radionuclides and heavy smokers.
  • Low-dose-radiation ANP in combination with
  cytokine, gene, or other therapies could be used
  to cure lung and other cancers.
  The slides, available with a direct request from Bobby, speak for themselves. I would feel badly about NOT 
  giving extra radiation to any person exposed to a toxic dose,
   after this. More likely, I wonder about FDA approving preventive radiation for smokers.
  Howard Long

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      st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) }                Dear Colleagues:
  Today I presented an in-house seminar entitled “Low-Dose Radiation and Health”.  I thought you may like to have a copy of the slides presented.  They are contained in the attached pdf file (handout form).  Slides are arranged from left to right with four slides per page.  Please feel free to pass the file on to others who may have interest.
  Best wishes,
  Bobby R. Scott, Ph.D.
  Senior Scientist
  Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
  2425 Ridgecrest Drive SE
  Albuquerque, NM 87108
  Phone: 505-348-9470

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