[ RadSafe ] Waste Curie Monitor (Real Inexpensive)

Dave Biela Dave.Biela at wvnsco.com
Tue Oct 9 13:16:19 CDT 2007

I hope this does not violate the site rules.  Please contact me at
dave.biela at wvnsco.com if you are interested.

Please pass this on to anyone you want.  You will not be able to beat
the cost.



We are trying to find a home for it.  Here's the information:

Waste Curie Monitor manufactured by National Nuclear Corporation, Model
WCM 55 PC, 1.5" detectors, S/N 990017, 7900 lbs, hardly used, acquired
July 1999 for $75,225.  Picture attached.

It has been through the required screening process and is eligible for
sale.  The cost to DOE, Federal, and State agencies is shipping costs
only.  If any others are interested, I'll have to post the Monitor on
eBay to allow for public participation.  If nothing happens on eBay, it
will be available for negotiated sale.

It would be nice to send it somewhere.


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