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Nuclear Information Library

Welcome to Sense About Science’s nuclear energy
information library. This library is for journalists,
parliamentarians, and everyone who wants clear
evidence-based information about nuclear energy. The
information provided here is a result of bringing
together a consultative group of the scientific and
engineering bodies. 

Nuclear fusion: how feasible is it as an energy
source? (pdf) 

Radioactive waste: what do the scientists think? (pdf)

Nuclear fission: what is a fission reactor? (pdf) 

Who’s who in nuclear science and engineering? 

Finnish case study: how and why did Finland decide to
build a new nuclear power station? (pdf)

There is also a short briefing document about the
wider energy discussion: 

What is the energy gap? Does it exist? (pdf)

For a list of organisations with a scientific interest
in nuclear power, and for links to their electronic
publications, please click here. 

This library will be updated as new information
becomes available. If your organisation has a
science-related question about nuclear power, or
wishes to speak to a scientist, please e-mail Ellen

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