[ RadSafe ] Panel wants tighter radiation security

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Mon Oct 15 20:06:58 CDT 2007

It's official.  We've gone absolutely nuts.
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In this  connection, the BS Board is drafting regulations requiring that 
one BSB  agent will be fastened at all times  to each of these machines. 
These  agents will serve eight hour shifts five days per week. They will 
receive  minimum training to emit the DeanScream Alarm if any attempt is 
made to  hijack a machine. The manning requirements will be arranged to 
include  individual 40 hour weeks, two weeks leave per year, and 26 weeks 
sick  leave per year. Average intelligence (Binet IQ Survey) and an 8th 
grade  level education are required.

If you think the above is funny, please  review the Federal Regulations 
governing residential toilet tank size and  the allowable flow rate on 
residential shower heads. Note also the  allowable limits for breath 
alcohol, carbon dioxide, and the gasoline  content of domestic ethynol.. 
Also, the new rules of acceptable court  evidence will include: "Rules  
of circumstantial evidence will be  regarded hereafter as very strong; as 
when catfish are found in  milk".

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