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Wed Oct 17 11:18:48 CDT 2007

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sandyfl at cox.net writes:

I want  to reiterate that I do not question Marcel's motives, but am 
concerned  that not having the spontaneous and interactive timely 
responses as in the  past, will cause Radsafe to degrade as an 
informational forum. Members  will more likely than not resort to 
simply answering a specific individual  and not copy the list due to 
the time delays where a comment could very  well be taken out of 

Having been a member of Radsafe back  to the early 90's, I hope that 
this does not  happen.

Another thing that I have begun to notice is that the listserve emails now  
sometimes come to me out of the order in which they were sent and I am getting  
replies to questions before I see the questions.  I am easily enough  
confused as it is.  I don't need additional help from Radsafe.  My  state of 
confusion is not a serious problem (except to me) but it is another  general annoyance 
that we don't really need, do we?
Jerry Gels

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