[ RadSafe ] Radon detectors for home studies

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I recommend the ones referenced in:
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  D. Krewski, J. H. Lubin, J Zeilinski, M. Alavano, V. S. Catalan, R. W. 
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J. Chen, Radon Measurement in Canada with Electret Ion Chambers. Health 
Physics, Vol. 93, pp 161-164, 2007.

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> October 17, 2007
> I would like information about the best commercial devices for making 
> measurements of radon in the home and who supplies them.
> I would especially be interested in commercial units that have been used 
> in published studies of radon in the home. I am planning a new study, and 
> I would like to use units similar to those that have been relied upon in 
> past published studies.
> Thanks,
> Otto
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