[ RadSafe ] Re: Panel wants tighter radiation security

Earley, Jack N Jack_N_Earley at RL.gov
Tue Oct 23 10:03:55 CDT 2007

Clayton Bradt wrote:

"It is tempting as HPs to say that Psychology and Economics are outside
area of expertise and to let other people worry about those links in the
chain of argument, while we just make sure that the Health Physics is
correctly.  But by doing so I am afraid we are the enablers of a
public policy."

The ALARA definition from 10 CFR 835 is "the approach to radiation
protection to manage and control exposures (both individual and
collective) to the work force and to the general public to as low as is
reasonable, taking into account social, technical, economic, practical,
and public policy considerations."

Disregarding psychology and economics isn't an option.

Jack Earley
Health Physicist

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