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Marcel Schouwenburg M.Schouwenburg at tudelft.nl
Tue Apr 8 01:36:34 CDT 2008

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Yet another radiation safety technologist has taken advantage of the
Drexel University health physics mentoring program and has moved up in
the health physics employment chain; therefore, I am recruiting again.
If you know of anyone that might be interested in employment with our
academic/medical radiation safety program and who would be up to the
challenge of working for a  mean, nasty, ugly-looking* boss, please
direct them to:


>From there, use the search postings link, select job title: Radiation
Safety Technologist  for the job descriptions and on-line application.
All applications must be submitted through the website. 


Kent Lambert, M.S., CHP
Radiation Safety Officer

Drexel University
1601 Cherry Street, Suite 10444
Philadelphia, PA 19102

e-mail: kent.lambert at drexel.edu
voice: 215-255-7860
fax: 215-255-7874

*from Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie, a description of the Group W
bench inhabitants 

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