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There is no calibration procedure in the GR-135 manual.
That is a fantastic unit, I have the 2 sensor version and really like the 
way it works.
It can also come in 3 or 4 detector versions, when fully loaded it has a GM 
tube, NaI(Tl) and CZT as well as a neutron detector.

Setting up a normal scintillator or SCA is pretty straightforward and we do 
that here all the time. Personally I would not
consider any calibration facility except at the factory for the IDENTIFIER 
I've talked at length with the factory and came away with the impression 
that they are not releasing the parameters
by which the isotope identification is made, but it is complex. This alone 
would indicate back-to-the-factory for calibration in my eyes.

For almost all other meters, I would recommend Ludlum's calibration 
facility, regardless of the meter brand.

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab

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Anyone have a lead on where we might obtain calibration procedures for
Exploranium GR135 and Exploranium GR526? thanks

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