[ RadSafe ] Plutonium from Power Reactors

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Fri Apr 11 11:54:24 CDT 2008

I stand corrected.  Most of my experience and reading about reprocessing
has been centered on what went on at Hanford, where they were breeding
Pu for weapons, and avoiding Pu241 was part of what drove the way they
operated the reactors and cycled the fuel.  

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Brennan, Mike (DOH) wrote:

" as I recall Pu241 isn't particularly desirable in fuel, as it doesn't
have very good characteristics "


In fact, Pu241 is highly desirable for reactors, because in an
epithermal neutron spectrum, it has a better neutron production ratio
than the other Pu isotopes or even U233.
There is actually a patent based on this fact, by a well-known reactor
Title: Light water breeder reactor using a uranium-plutonium cycle
Document Type and Number:United States Patent 4968476
Inventors: Radkowsky, Alvin (Ramat Chen, IL)

As for separating Am out of the SNF along with the fission products, I
really have no idea whether that's feasible or actually done.....


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