[ RadSafe ] Unfounded claims about the effects of electromagnetic fields

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Mon Apr 14 17:17:05 CDT 2008

This is the title of a short commentary I have written as a response to
Belpomme, Irigary, Hardell, Clapp, Montagnier, Epstein and Sasco (Environ Res, Vol. 105, 2007:414-429).
In their paper EMF is classified as a mutagen (as well as cocarcinogen/promotor). In my response
which is focused on the mutagen question I refer to fundamental chemistry and physics.
The last sentence of my response reads:
"The way EMF appears as a mutagen in Table 2 (Belpomme et al., 2007) is without biological
sense and is likely to contribute to myths and unfounded fear of EMFs."
As this is "in press" I expect it to appear in the next issue of Environmental Research.
Furthermore, it has not escaped my attention that the same paper:
1. Refers to the strange thesis (by M. Tondel) which claimed a detectable increase
in cancer incidence in northern Sweden as a consequence of the Chernobyl fallout.
During the thesis defence it was shown by the opponent that there was no support
for such a conclusion. The science advisor of the thesis work was Dr. Hardell. In other
words, the same publication also contributes to myths relating to the Chernobyl explosion.
2. Refers to a paper by Hallberg and Johansson where they argue that melanomas
probably increase as a consequence of FM and TV transmissions! (both these authors
promote ideas that are in line with those who claim that they are electrohypersensitive).
See also:
Summary: According to my very personal ideas these guys are fear mongers.
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