[ RadSafe ] Fwd: ruling out uranium vapor with x-rays

Brent Rogers brent.rogers at optusnet.com.au
Wed Apr 16 21:45:21 CDT 2008

"Dave Blane (or was it Blaine)" wrote:


James Salsman, as Dave Blane pseudonomously

P.S.  About pseudonyms:  The DU controversy evokes strong emotions on both
sides of the debate. It is often useful to have a clean emotional state when
addressing the issue with people who have formed preconceptions about the
issue or the people discussing it in the past.


...or simply to allow those who have been discredited in the past to further
argue a point without the baggage.  The emotion is not on both sides of the
debate, only one of them.  The other side employs science.

Brent Rogers
Sydney Australia

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