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Generally no.  The organs that contribute to Effective Dose are
basically in the trunk and head.  The Monte Carlo codes on which the
E/DLP data is based don't consider exposure lower than about 10 cm below
the base of the trunk (although the mathematical and voxel phantoms do
extend down to the legs and/or feet.)  There should still be some
contribution to Effective Dose from dose to the skin and bones in those
areas, as well as the contribution to remainder tissues from dose to
muscle within the leg.  Generally dose to the extremities is considered
of minor importance and so less effort has gone into coming up with
conversion factors.

Peter Thomas

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I found dose-length product (DLP) from Europian Guidelines on Quality
Criteria for Computed Tomography to calculate effective doses for CT
scans.There is a table
http://www.drs.dk/guidelines/ct/quality/mainindex.htm  *Normalised
values of effective dose per dose-length product (DLP) over various body
regions *with general values of EDLP appropriate to different anatomical
regions of the patients (head, neck,chest,abdomen and pelvis). Are those
normalised values available for knees and feet? Thank you.
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