[ RadSafe ] Question about DHS and Satate of Kansas

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Mon Apr 28 12:45:58 CDT 2008

Radsafe all,

Kansas has in the past been selling their Civil Defense radiological 
instruments to enterprising individuals who in turn sold those instruments to the 
general public.  Recently, the Department of Homeland Security has stopped Kansas 
from selling the instruments.  I understand that the concern was that the 
check source on the side of the CD V-700 Geiger counters, a small amount of DU, 
might be used to make a "dirty bomb."  I first thought that this was ridiculous 
and a government agency could not be doing this.  

Now the information has come from several sources that I consider reliable.  
I haven't received a reply from my question to people in Kansas.  Does anyone 
on Radsafe have any information?  Help!

Yours for a safe radiological environment,

J. Carl Kee
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