[ RadSafe ] The Know Your Enemy Series -- "Lobby To Eradicate NRC and Put In Place A True Watchdog [Like Greenpeace or NIRS]"

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Nothing like an activist regulator - presume that scientists are
unacceptable unless they have written a treatise on how uranium is poisoning
the world


   Here [  http://www.mothersalert.org/misled.html ] is a perfect example of
why NRC cannot and must not be trusted or allowed to act as  an alleged
watchdog. Please  take a few minutes of your valuable time and call one or
more of the media outlets listed at: http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=111
and ask them to check:


    http://www.mothersalert.org/probability.html   and



     Ditto re calling your  Reps and Senators at: 202-224-3121 and/or write
them at:  http://www.senate.gov  and  http://www.house.gov  and tell them so
in no uncertain terms.  If we don't make  a habit of pressuring our
government and the media these commercial/criminal enterprises will continue
to operate. We're all in a very privaleged position to try and abolish the
monstrous business venture  of nuclear power. We don't need one or more
Chernobyls or acts of nuclear terrorism.  Remember Bin Laden and Al Qaeda's
first plan was to attack nuclear power facilities. Let's act now!  



   A true wachdog knows that nuclear power is and has always been completely
unacceptable. Besides they're a great way help make nuclear weapons.  Tell
your Reps that the only real watchdogs of commercial nuclear power are
entities like Greenpeace and NIRS. Tell them to replace industry friend NRC
with Greenpeace or NIRS. 



    -Bill Smirnow


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    Let's also remember the blatant contempt and probabilities NRC is
willing to subject all of us to:




    And let's remember why IP and all nuclear power is completely
unacceptable under any and all circumstances, straight from the nuclear
industry itself: http://mothersalert.org/crac.html   They sure don't want
another, updated, more accurate and objective study conducted and released


     We need to impress upon/lobby the corporate media [ check
http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=111 ]  and public as well as congress
just what a lapdog NRC is and that they need to be replaced by real
watchdogs like Greenpeace or NIRS. This URL has a list of phone#s [
http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=111 ] I'm asking all of us to call right
now [9-5PM, M-F] and ask them to look into what criminal lapdogs NRC really


  Call your Reps and Senators at:L 202-224-3121 and/or write them at:
http://www.senate.gov  and  http://www.house.gov  and tell them so in no
uncertain terms.





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