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Dammit Louis, I'm a nuclear health physics technician, NOT a Rocket Scientist...;-)
  "Iran carried out a second flight test of the Shahab-3 as noted in a Reuters news reports, in The Washington Times, July 16, 2000, on July 15, 2000 test which achieved a velocity of 4,320 mph (1,931.04 M/sec.) with a 1 ton warhead."

  "On July 22,1998 Iran conducted the first flight test of the Shahab-3 MRBM... 'according to' the Washington Times, on July 24, 1998, "The missile exploded 100 seconds after launch ---- after having traveled about 620 miles (997.58 km. down range)"  (Altitude not given)

  Shahab 3 Burn time (sec.) 110 

  all above from http://www.fas.org/programs/ssp/man/militarysumfolder/shahab-3.html

Lots of variables as to trajectory and payload weight, and I don't have the formulas close at hand, but conservativly back of the envelope...
Shahab could reach 300 mile altitude above Kansas City from 200 miles offshore, roughly 900 miles point to point, flight distance of roughly 950 miles ( SQR (900*900+300*300) = 948 mile ), so with acceleration of 0 mph to 4320 mph with only a 110 sec burn, and above info of 620 miles in 100 seconds * flight of 1000 miles  =   161 seconds 


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