[ RadSafe ] uranium solubility and acute and chronic exposures on the Russia-Georgia border

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Tue Aug 12 19:30:14 CDT 2008

Aug. 12

         Comments intersersed from Steven Dapra.

At 07:42 PM 8/11/08 -0700, James Salsman wrote:
>Dear Dr. Cedervall,
>You wrote, "If you are trying to imply that a mutation burden could
>lead to some genetic changes on a population level it just tells that
>you haven't studied any of the key messages from the evolution
>biologists and what they developed over the last 80 years."
>That is false.  When does a mutation burden not result in genetic
>changes?  Certainly the evolution biologists should get more attention
>than the creationist biologists, who tend to say silly things that,
>for example, imply that evil has parents, or roots, and is not often
>the result of the spontaneous chance events such as nuclear decay.

         "false"??  How do you know, James?  You still have refused to 
present us with your CV.  What makes you think you know so much about 
genetics and about mutations?  (I always thought you were a phrenologist.)

>The quantification of uranyl's genotoxicity, reproductive toxicity and
>neurotoxicity, has been censored by CHPs who much prefer to discuss
>the kidney.  However, the kidney tolerates chronic uranium exposure,
>unlike the chromosomes:
>Pellmar, et al. (1999) "Electrophysiological changes in hippocampal
>slices isolated from rats embedded with depleted uranium fragments."
>Neurotoxicology, vol. 20., no. 5, pp. 785-792;
>Maynard, E. et al. (1953) "Oral Toxicity of Uranium Compounds," in
>C. Voegtlin and H. C. Hodge, eds., Pharmacology and Toxicology of
>Uranium Compounds, New York: McGraw-Hill, showing reproductive
>toxicity from a single dose of a soluble uranyl compound; and

         How large was the dose?  Remember, the dose makes the poison.  And 
how many humans take doses that big (adjusted for weight)?

>Miller, A.C., and McClain, D. (2007) "A Review of Depleted Uranium
>Biological Effects:  In Vitro and In Vivo Studies" Rev Environ Health,
>vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 75-89.  (Israel: Freund, USD $100.)
>Is the reason that CHPs ignore reproductive toxicity and neurotoxicity
>because some CHPs put their economic self-interest, for example, in
>fuel reprocessing, ahead of the people whose health they are supposed
>to be interested in?  What if the behavioral effects are even more
>profound than the chromosome mutations?  What if the chromosome
>mutations are caused by the behavioral effects, or vice versa?

         More of James' slanders of CHPs.

>We will never know, and the citizens in the conflict will be denied
>access to quality health care in the name of health physics.

         Still more slanders.  Besides, if JS's "conflict" is the 
Russian-Georgian war, he still hasn't shown that DU is so much as being 
used there.  Hence his arguments about it are worthless.

>This conflict is on topic in the same way that Health Physics
>publishes articles entitled "Acute Toxicity of Uranium" which
>dwell on the kidney.
>James Salsman

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