[ RadSafe ] Re: uranium solubility and acute and chronic exposures on the Russia-Georgia border

Carl A. Willis willis.219 at osu.edu
Tue Aug 12 23:23:27 CDT 2008

We need to perform a troll-ectomy up in this piece!

If James Salsman and his counter-respondents want to give continued lip 
service to the perennially trollacious DU issue (troll material = 
agenda-driven, ad-hominem, bankrupt of new informational value), why don't 
you guys go start a forum or listserv of your own to handle just the amateur 
DU debate!  The process of starting a list or forum is free and easy these 
days.  Call it "DUSafe," get the irrelevant flamewar on to your hearts' 
content, and stop sucking up all the bandwidth on RADSAFE.

In fact, it would enormously benefit my perception of your 
motives--regardless of your stance on uranium--if you would have the 
courtesy to do this.  I suspect there is a vast silent majority of 
subscribers whose areas of interest and work have nothing to do with the 
present kerfuffle and would also welcome the return to professionalism and 


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