[ RadSafe ] Re: uranium solubility and acute and chronic exposures on the Russia-Georgia border

James Salsman BenjB4 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 15:07:33 CDT 2008

In all the calls for censorship, there has been:

1. Zero evidence that kidneys are the most important organ to consider
after acute or chronic uranyl exposure;

2. Zero evidence that the health physics community has ever said otherwise;

3. Zero evidence that the present state of affairs leads to
inappropriate medical treatment for those exposed; and

4. Zero evidence that attempts to correct the situation is a
"self-serving agenda."

Will any be forthcoming, or are we going to have another episode where
I'm the only one citing empirical science and everyone else is talking
about the theory that I have somehow misinterpreted things?

James Salsman

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