[ RadSafe ] Re: uranium solubility and acute and chronic exposures on the Russia-Georgia border

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Wed Aug 13 20:04:28 CDT 2008

Aug. 13

         Hardly anyone wants to censor you, James; we want you banished 

         In all your malicious blather there has been zero evidence that 
you have any technical expertise or academic credentials to spout off about 
health physics, etc.  You wouldn't know "empirical science" if it walked up 
and bit you on your nose.  I have cited empirical science here many times 
and have proven you wrong on any number of occasions.  Furthermore, I 
usually proved you wrong by using the empirical science you invoked and 
then manipulated to your ideological advantage.  Your ability to 
misinterpret things is not a theory, it is a FACT.  (I'm not yelling, 
however I am raising my voice.)

         Why don't you just quietly leave, James?  All you are doing is 
showing yourself as a fool and an ignoramus, and a very determined one at that.

Steven Dapra

At 01:07 PM 8/13/08 -0700, James Salsman wrote:
>In all the calls for censorship, there has been:
>1. Zero evidence that kidneys are the most important organ to consider
>after acute or chronic uranyl exposure;
>2. Zero evidence that the health physics community has ever said otherwise;
>3. Zero evidence that the present state of affairs leads to
>inappropriate medical treatment for those exposed; and
>4. Zero evidence that attempts to correct the situation is a
>"self-serving agenda."
>Will any be forthcoming, or are we going to have another episode where
>I'm the only one citing empirical science and everyone else is talking
>about the theory that I have somehow misinterpreted things?
>James Salsman

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