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Except for the continual repetition of the same questions by James Salsman
in any of his alter egos or pseudonymns, the discussion on this list about
DU has been very valuable.  Do you recall who the researcher was at OSU?  If
you are not aware, the Salsmans of the world are winning the "DU
controversy" that they have manufactured.  They start with the photos of the
horribly maimed babies and then add the number of dead veterans (zero never
seems to figure into the equation) and they have convinced state
legislatures, Congress, the County legislature on the Island of Hawaii, the
Parliament of the European Union, etc.  The voice of science is often
blunted because they communicate using one-sided blogs and e-mail lists and
as a result there is no opposition to what they put out to the public.  They
also are closely tied with the no-new nuclear plant (and close all the
existing ones) fanatics.  They deserve active opposition and education, not
just being ridiculed and being shunted off to a list of their own.  Salsman
has previously caused the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to waste hundreds of
hours and perhaps hundreds of thousands of the US taxpayer's dollars.  A
trip through ADAMS in the NRC public reading room with the key word
"Salsman" yields over 100 documents.  By comparison, Leuren K Moret, the
self-described "internationally known scientist" with a BS in Geology and no
academic course or lab work in uranium or radiation or radioactive dust,
etc. and also self-described "whistleblower" has three.  Even "Mr DU" Doug
Rokke, widely quoted all over the world and continually pushed out on the
internet, most recently claiming to be an expert on the clean up of Camp
Doha even though the fire and explosions took place 10 days after Lieutenant
Rokke had been released from active duty back to his civilian life as a
graduate student in Vocational Education and Physical Science Assistant at
the University of Illinois, has far fewer documents in ADAMS than Salsman.

Roger Helbig 

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Perhaps this topic would be better discussed on a hazardous substances
site.? It is my uderstanding that all the evils of DU are due more to its
being a heavy metal and not really due to its radioactive state.? When I was
at OSU some research was done with uranium poisoning and the researcher
concluded the heavy metal properties of the DU would kill you long before
the radiation ever had a chance to harm you.

Gene Forrer

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