[ RadSafe ] Georgian DU "controversy" - a different perspective...

Mark Miller marklmiller at comcast.net
Wed Aug 13 19:08:12 CDT 2008

The problem is not about radiation from DU - it is about people shooting and
bombing each other.   DU is off topic as the major character of the tragic
conflict isn't a radiation issue. If there are radioactive atoms coming from
DU - that aspect is totally insignificant in this context. You have plenty
of natural radioactive atoms in the soil around you - that should be enough
to provide some hints.

...  True.  People who can recognize the REAL concern might enjoy this:

>From Woebegone Boy, by Garrison Keillor - ..... She(he) was a pill, and
I hate talk radio. Especially public radio talk shows. I loathe them. Drowsy

voices dithering and blithering, obsessive academics whittling their finer 
points, genteel bohemians with their Bambi worldview, the earnest
the murmury liberals, the Ditzy New Agers, the plodding Luddites, the
ladies of the lowlands, all of them good and decent and progressive and 
well-read and deeply concerned. Concerned about children, about justice and 
equality, about the clouds in the clear blue sky. Everything they say is to 
demonstrate their Concern, to show their innate goodness, nothing they say
from firsthand observation, they have no experience whatsoever, only
and the sign of their Deep Concern is their use of dozens, if not hundreds ,
modifying clauses in each sentence, many (if not most) of the modifiers in
sense contradictory and therefore self-cancelling, which is a great deal (or
least more than what one might ideally hope for) of modification, the result

being audio oatmeal, two hours of which isn't worth one Chopin Prelude, in
my book. 

Oatmeal anyone? 

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