[ RadSafe ] Bystander Effect" Hints at Dangers of Low-Dose Radiation UNSCEAR 2006 observations

parthasarathy k s ksparth at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 20 04:56:56 CDT 2008

Roy Herren,

UNSCEAR 2006 just released, states that the Committee will maintain surveillance of sceintific developments in the area of non-targetted and delayed effects (these are genomic instability, bystander effects etc) ; it recommends generally that future research pay particular attention to designing studies that emphasize reproducibility, low dose responses and causal association with health effects.

The Committee stressed that "the estimation of the  health effects of radiation is based on epidemiological and experimental observations where there is statistically significant dose related increase in disease incidence". The adverse health impacts, if any, due to bystander effects, genomic instability etc will also be present in epidemiological studies and they are automatically included in the risk factor. Briefly, one need not lose sleep on the latest PNAS mouse study

K S Parthasarathy

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