[ RadSafe ] Communicating with the public and the press

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Right, Brian! That is the essence of my point.
Howard Long
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> If something has no upside and a possibility of a downside, one can 
> logically ask, "why take the chance." 
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> Mike and HPs generally, 
> Fear of low dose radiation, like fear of tomato poisoning (once a 
> problem for that member of the deadly nightshade family), may be best 
> overcome by convincing of benefit - not just absence of harm. 
> Citizens Against a Radioactive Environment, CARE, has a 4 page monthly 
> newsletter, regular demonstrations at the gates of LLNL, lobbyists in 
> Washington and an entrenched bureaucracy proclaiming its salvation of 
> the world (small scale GW scam). It has emasculated LLNL with 
> fearmongering. 
> I am convinced that more is needed than the ample demonstrations of 
> absence of harm. 

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