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Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Wed Dec 3 23:42:32 CST 2008

Awright, Mike. You better watch that stuff -- there will be no 
explosions of plutonium myths permitted here -- magic or otherwise!  
Magic is only permitted on the second Saturday o each week. I think 
homeeland security has already banned the explosion of all plutonium 
myths -- tritium maybe, but plutonium, no.          <g>  Firecrackers 
are allowed on Wednesdays.
Maury&Dog   (MaurySiskel maurysis at peoplepc.com)

Brennan, Mike (DOH) wrote:

>One of the things to keep in mind is that there is nothing magically
>dangerous about "transuranics".  By any reasonable measure: per unit
>mass, volume, or atom, there are plenty of things much more dangerous on
>either a chemical or a radiological basis (and that's leaving out the
>vastly more dangerous possibilities in the bacteriological and viral
>categories).  The claim that "Plutonium is the most dangerous substance in the world" has been thoroughly exploded.  
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