[ RadSafe ] Cs-137 Check Sources

Syd H. Levine syd.levine at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 4 01:11:20 CST 2008

I am curious as to why you would need a check source to be able to go to
350F.  Do you plan to send it downhole, or are you wanting to be able to use
it in a test oven?  If the latter, you could think about one of those GO
flag calibrators that use 10 uCi or so of radium to give a decent Houston
test pit traceable cal source (it would be useable outside the oven with
appropriate adjustments).  You might have trouble with the regulators in
Texas, however.  They do not like those GO radium calibrators for some

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Do you have any Cs-137 10uCi sources available in a pill form (or
similar) that can stand temperatures up to 350 deg.F. ?

I need one for tool calibrations.

Best regards,

Paul Sinclair, President
CBG Corporation
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